Unlocked Ottawa – Fortune Found Review

A couple of years ago one of my girlfriends and I headed to Syracuse for a girls weekend shopping trip. While at Destiny Mall we came across a company that hosted escape rooms. They had a bulk discount if you did all 3 room so we decided to try it out. I had a blast and came home to tell my husband all about it. He was totally jealous and said he would love to try it out. Sadly there was no such thing in Ottawa at the time.

Since that time multiple escape rooms have opened up in Ottawa. I mean they are popping up everywhere. Tobei’s birthday was last week so I decided for a birthday date we would go and try our very first escape room as a couple.

I started googling the various escape rooms in Ottawa and came across Unlocked Ottawa. Sounded like the perfect starting ground for us. It was in Kanata which is where I also book us a hotel room for the night and they did not merge groups. All other escape rooms in Ottawa will merge groups to meet the challenge people capacity. I really wanted to just be him and I. Unlocked Ottawa had two escape rooms we could choose from that a group of only 2 people could book. I chose Fortune Found, their newest room.

Unlocked Ottawa – Fortune Found


After an evening at the carnival, you awake to a series of unfortunate events. Through deductive reasoning, you determine the cause of your misfortune is a curse from the incoherent ramblings of the angry Madame Celeste Opal. To break the curse you need to navigate your way through the woods to her tent and find a cure. Good Luck!

Cost: 18.50 pp
Difficulty: 4
Players: 2-4
Time: 45 Minutes

We were greeted promptly and friendly upon our arrival. After filling out a brief standard hold harmless type form we were given our story and the rules. Also the bonus perk of finding out we could have a maximum of 3 clues and still be considered a success should we finish in our 45-minute timeline. They did warn us that this was their newest and hardest room and being only 2 people with little to no experience we would have a hard time completing it.

By some miracle we did it!!!! I won’t lie. We used all 3 of our clues but we still managed to escape in time. The staff was very quick to respond when we asked for our clues making sure no time was wasted on waiting for them.

I wish I could give your more review-y type stuff here but that would kind of ruin all the fun for you and take away from the adventure if you go try it out yourself. Which I do highly recommend it for a fun date night or even a family adventure. This adventure is available in kids mode for younger participants to take part.

All in all, we had an amazing time and can not wait to book our next adventure.

DISCLOSURE: This is not a sponsored review. We received nothing for this post. Unlocked Ottawa doesn’t even know I blogged. We 100% paid our own way on this epic date night adventure.


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