Dear iPad, I Love You

How many articles or blog posts have you read about how bad electronics are for kids? Personally I don’t think I can count that high and not to brag but I am pretty damn smart. Electronics are soooo bad that even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge AKA Will and Kate do not let their kids near an iPad. Well I hate to tell you all but I love our iPads. Yes I said iPads as in more than 1. In fact we have 3 of them in our house.

So let me share with you why I love our iPads and owe my life and sanity to them.

5 Reasons I Love Our iPads

  1. Mom Sick Days. Moms everywhere know what I am talking about. We don’t get sick days. OK I do cause I have a pretty damn amazing husband but for real the iPad is the life saver. Hand the kids the iPads and feel free to quietly suffer in sick misery without the kids destroying the house or driving your crazy.
  2. Road Trip! #SorryNotSorry but I am not super mom and I do not want to play 20,000 questions. Here enjoy your iPad.
  3. Doctors Visits. Listen I don’t know what it is like where you live but where I live doctors are NEVER on time. I am talking like 45 minute waits. Don’t even get me started on visiting a walk in clinic instead of your own doctors. Enjoy your iPad kid.
  4. Saturday Mornings! What’s that? You get up and have a grand ol adventure every week-end with your kids? Not this mom. I want some zzzzz’s, enjoy your iPad kids.
  5. Education! Yup I said it, iPads can be educational. Don’t believe me, ask the schools that are using them for the exact same reason. There are thousands of educational apps in the apple store. In fact my older son has homework that involves apps for reading and math.

Now I know I am not alone. So spill it, why do you love your iPad or whatever electronic device you let your kid enjoy?


4 thoughts on “Dear iPad, I Love You”

  1. We don’t have an ipad (well, I do, but I am not sharing!) but my son has the kids kindle tablet and let me tell you, GREATEST THING EVER! Granted, I don’t let my son just sit on it all day. BUT when I need to get something done, or he’s bouncing off the walls, it keeps him still and focused. Its a LIFE SAVER in the car on longer trips. I don’t even care if people judge me. Tablets Rock!


  2. Three?! Jealous. We only have one but it has saved our lives when I was pregnant with morning sickness the entire 9 months, AND when I just need my kids to rest were their sick and not do anything.


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